Root Cause Analysis with long-term patient monitoring “Black Box”
For many years, the process of abstracting patient data after Sentinel Events has been challenging. Say for instance,  an adverse patient event occurred, but despite the patient being on telemetry monitoring, the only physiological data available might be ECG strips, if those had even been captured. Most modern patient... Read more
Novel Headache Blocking Neurotransmitter
Designed for those with chronic headache pain, the ATI Neurostimulator by Autonamic Technologies provides the first neurostimulator designed for headaches. Designed to stimulate the sphenopalatine ganglion (SPG), a nerve cluster buried deep in the face, at the root of the nose,  the Pulsante™ SPG Microstimulator System offers a reversible... Read more
Clinical Analytics and Research Data Capture Solution
Traditionally when developing clinical research or analytical algorithms and you were in search of raw clinical data parameters to minesuch as cardiac output or SPO2, you might try to interface that data via HL7 from the EMR, (if indeed that clinical interface was in place to begin with). In... Read more
Patient Monitoring Integration Suite Offers Unique Informatics Tools
Advanced Clinical Informatics Toolbox Obtaining retrospective data after a sentinel event can be challenging. The lack of patient monitoring data which has continuous ECG, SPO2, and blood pressure, at least.  While some patient monitoring systems have the ability to store patient waveform data, it is typically capped at 144... Read more

While advanced wearables are only now starting to catch on as tools for detecting and tracking of a variety of medical conditions, it turns out that simple fitness trackers that feature heart rate monitoring can be life saving devices. A patient with atrial fibrillation following a seizure showed up at Our Lady of Lourdes Medical […]

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