Patient Monitoring Integration Suite Offers Unique Informatics Tools
Advanced Clinical Informatics Toolbox Obtaining retrospective data after a sentinel event can be challenging. The lack of patient monitoring data which has continuous ECG, SPO2, and blood pressure, at least.  While some patient monitoring systems have the ability to store patient waveform data, it is typically capped at 144... Read more

While advanced wearables are only now starting to catch on as tools for detecting and tracking of a variety of medical conditions, it turns out that simple fitness trackers that feature heart rate monitoring can be life saving devices. A patient with atrial fibrillation following a seizure showed up at Our Lady of Lourdes Medical […]

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Spacelabs’ New XprezzNet™ Connectivity Software
With hundreds  of  Electronic Medical Record (EMR) interfaces on the market, it’s difficult to come up with a new model, but Spacelabs’ new XprezzNet™ may have done just that.  Most patient monitoring interfaces come in a few basic flavors, generally HL7 or alarm type interfaces. The XprezzNet™ platform is a... Read more
Considerations for 12 lead ECG capture using Modified Mason-Likar Lead Placement
It’s been a generally accepted practice from some time to connect 12 lead limb electrodes at the top of the torso. This lead placement is known as “modified Mason-Likar placement” after Drs. Mason And Likar documented the use of alternative limb lead placement for use during exercise tolerance testing... Read more
Dario, a Tiny Smartphone-Powered Glucometer FDA Cleared

LabStyle Innovations, an Israeli firm, won FDA clearance for its Dario glucose monitoring system. The Dario includes a smartphone-connected glucometer and an Apple iOS app that records readings and helps interpret results. The system has been available in a number of countries since its initial rollout in March of 2014. The Dario device includes a lancet […]

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As we look back on the medtech developments of 2015 there’s definitely a sense that we’re living through revolutionary times. Nearly every day exciting and fascinating technologies are being unveiled by small and large companies, universities, and even tiny independent groups. Empowered by high-powered computers, 3D printers, and other technologies, researchers, scientists, and engineers are coming […]

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Viewing Static Integer ECG Waveforms within Microsoft Excel
Sometmes its helpful to be able to visualize a static integer waveform in an easy-to-implement environment when sandboxing applications. This became evident a few years ago when I was working on an ECG management system and had the need to visualize some waveform data from a device that was... Read more

A team of collaborators from the University of Nevada, Reno and the University of Arkansas, Little Rock are starting work on a robotic device worn on the hand that will work to extend the abilities of blind people to move around and to find and grasp nearby things. It will work using cameras and other kinds of […]

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CES 2016 is a just a couple weeks away and as in years past Medgadget will be live on the show floor giving you the scoop on what’s new in consumer health and fitness. Wearables and other health and fitness devices are again expected to be a huge area of focus at this year’s show, so we’re excited […]

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Fluorescence imaging is commonly used for the detection and resection of tumors. It relies on machines with precisely tuned light sources and camera detectors.  These end up being no smaller than hand-held devices. Researchers at the University of Glasgow, Scotland managed to cram LED illumination, a detector called a “complementary metal oxide semiconductor single photon avalanche detector imaging array,” […]

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