Alfresco/MySQL based Cardiology Back-end Reporting System

One of the challenges in the diagnostic cardiology interpretation process is the fact that raw, unconfirmed data must be over-read, or confirmed by a cardiologist, and then that record must be integrated into the electronic medical record as well as disseminated out to the referring physician. Most reporting systems today automate that process to some degree, but at the time of this project, the tools available were quite cumbersome. This software system extrapolated the fields from the DICOM data stream, populated a MySQL database and then used Jaspersoft to create rich communications tools that would automatically populate any number of boilerplate forms with the patient-specific data. The form could then be electronically signed, and automatically propagated to the EMR and remote physician using secure, HIPAA-compliant communications. Originally the plan was to use Microsoft SQL Reporting Services, but the Alfresco version was more flexible and considerably less expensive to implement with a large number of seat licenses.

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