Patient Monitoring System Data Warehouse

The project specifications for this system was essentially to used as a “black-box” that can acquire XML data in snippets from a patient monitoring system in an XML stream, cache it, and populated a SQL database so that conventional BI tools could be used against the data, which included all monitored waveforms: ECG/SPO2/RR/Invasive pressures. The system also received all parameter data: example, HR, SPO2 values, ST segment amplitude and slope for all leads, and over 400 other values including peripherally attached devices such as ventilators, etc.

The database is replicated so as to allow BI software to be used to feed data to algorithm(s), and to be used in data viewing session using Microsoft Power BI visualization tools, although any BI tool such as QlikView can be used as well. The resultant waveforms which are stored in a signed integer format can then be pieces back together to create long-term waveform views for sentinel event capture, alarm management, and propagation via HTML5 to mobile devices.


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