Lungpacer Medical, based in Vancouver, Canada, announced that its Diaphragm Pacing Therapy (DPT) System received FDA Emergency Use Authorization for use in weaning COVID-19 patients off of ventilators.
Patients on prolonged mechanical ventilation may experience diaphragm disuse atrophy and ventilator-induced diaphragmatic dysfunction (VIDD), which makes it harder for patients to breathe on their own and increases the amount of time required on ventilation. The Lungpacer DPT System is designed to prevent or reverse VIDD. The Lungpacer DPT System uses a temporary multi-electrode catheter (LIVE catheter) to electrically stimulate the phrenic nerves that control the diaphragm. The catheter is connected to an external pulse generator. The LIVE catheter resembles a traditional central venous catheter and is inserted into the left subclavian vein, where its proximity to the phrenic nerves allows electrical signals to stimulate the nerves and strengthen the diaphragm. According to the FDA, Lungpacer Medical’s DPT System can now be used in “patients at high risk of weaning failure,” which includes patients requiring mechanical ventilation due to COVID-19 or other high-risk conditions such as post-cardiac and post-thoracic surgical procedures. “This amazing honor provides a unique opportunity to help improve outcomes for many patients affected by this global health crisis,” Lungpacer CEO Doug Evans said in a statement. Check out a video about the Lungpacer DPT System:
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