An Electronic Design hosted Live Broadcast Webinar, sponsored by Mouser Electronics and Cypress


Bluetooth® mesh is a low-power, wireless network with many-to-many node communication for large-scale, extended range networks.  Bluetooth Mesh enables new use cases and applications ranging from building automation to asset tracking.

Cypress, a leader in wireless connectivity, was the first to introduce a Bluetooth SIG-qualified mesh solution that is in end-customer production.  Cypress has also recently introduced an ultra-low power Bluetooth 5 MCU, the CYW20819, that has been fully Bluetooth Mesh 1.0 qualified. 

We invite you to join Cypress’s own Alan Hawse (@askiotexpert) for a hands-on, technical training on how to design with Bluetooth Mesh.  In this virtual experience, Alan will take attendants through, step-by-step how to implement Bluetooth Mesh applications.  

To follow along, participants of this training are encouraged to purchase a  CYW20819 Bluetooth Mesh Evaluation Kit (CYBT-213043-MESH) from Mouser and download and install the ModusToolboxTM IDE as well as make sure you have also installed the latest ModusToolbox Bluetooth SDK 1.2

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The CYW20819 Bluetooth Mesh Evaluation Kit contains 4 mesh node boards to get you started with your Bluetooth Mesh application.

Attendees that stay to the end of the training will be entered for a chance to win some Cypress Bluetooth Mesh enabled Sylvania SMART+ Light Bulbs!


Alan Hawse, Senior Vice President and Fellow, Cypress Semiconductor

Alan Hawse has served in multiple roles at Cypress since 1991, from managing design tools, corporate IT, software tools, executive board member, Customer Experience, and most recently leading the global Applications and Software Engineering Groups in the MCU/Wireless Business Unit at Cypress. Additionally, he is passionate about technology, education and is a Maker and avid technology blogger on his website Alan teaches microcontroller and IoT development to customers, Cypress employees and makers of all ages using Cypress’ MCUs, connectivity solutions and software tools like PSoC Creator, the WICED SDK and ModusToolbox IDE. He lives in Kentucky, enjoys hoppy beer, Bourbon, perfectly roasted and extracted espresso and bicycling.

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