ECG Management System
The project was to build an ECG (electrocardiographic) report management system. The market requirements were to create something that was competitive up against the GE MUSE and Epiphany system, therefore it had to be able to manage multiple data types (stress, ECG, Holter, and many others), and to provide an editing environment with which to confirm the data and perform the billing. In addition the discrete data needed to be exported via HL7 and to be embeddable into an electronic medical record system. I led a team that developed the proof-of-concept in 5 weeks and further developed it, tested it and submitted to FDA in a little over a year. It went live in a year and a half and is in forward production today.
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Cloud Based Predictive Analytics
This project involved working with Microsoft to develop a Microsoft Azure cloud based infrastructure that received streaming XML data from the Philips patient monitors via the PIIC iX and to parse and display a visualization object using Power BI.
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Cardiovascular Information System
This was a project to build an entire Electronic Medical Record System, but as part of that was a very intelligent cardiovascular information system. Based on open-source Alfresco software, the system had the ability to connect directly to a GE PACS system and export data from a nuclear imaging system and couple with an exercise tolerance testing (ETT or "stress" testing) report. The system featured a drop-sown GUI to amend/append study result. At the conclusion the system would automatically generate a draft referral letter which could then be finalized and  distributed.
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Example Projects:

SQL Based Patient Monitoring Back-End System for Clinical Data Mining/Algorithm Development

Patient Monitoring System Data Warehouse The project specifications for this system was essentially to used as a “black-box” that can acquire XML data in snippets from a patient monitoring system in an XML stream, cache it, and populated a SQL database so that conventional BI tools could be used against the data, which included all […]

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EMR Integration Experience

EMR Integration Experience I have worked on a number of EMR integration projects: Embedding 12 lead ECGs into VA VistA CPRS, Allscripts, Epic, Cerner Embedding device parameter data: SPO2, NIBP from Dinamaps into Meditech Magic Embedding live waveforms into Cerner, Epic Integrating live waveforms into Epic Haiku, Canto Embedding an entire DICOM ECG Management system […]

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ECG Management System Development

I was asked to lead a project to build an ECG management system using an international engineering team based in Pune India who had no previous device or ECG experience. Using an open-source ECG viewer, and a 3rd party data translation device, I was able to lead the team to a finished proof-of-concept in five […]

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Automatic DICOM Cardiology Reporting System

Alfresco/MySQL based Cardiology Back-end Reporting System One of the challenges in the diagnostic cardiology interpretation process is the fact that raw, unconfirmed data must be over-read, or confirmed by a cardiologist, and then that record must be integrated into the electronic medical record as well as disseminated out to the referring physician. Most reporting systems today automate […]

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ECG Device Development

In my past, I have worked with a number of physiological acquisition devices, but was proud to be a part of the team that created the worlds first portable DICOM compatible ECG machine. Not only was it wifi enabled, it had a sophisticated radio modem module that provided enterprise-level security in the form of (light) […]

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Hemodynamic (cath lab) Patient Monitor

This project was to build a hemodynamic patient monitor similar to the Schiller PB1000 which is what Merge/Camtronics used as their patient monitor front end. Basically it is a patient monitor that acquired all vital signs, waveforms and parameters: 12 lead ECG, 4 invasive pressures, 2 temps, SPO2, and EtCO2, just like a standard patient monitor. What […]

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