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Product Development and Management

Medical Device Regulatory Affairs

Clinical Waveform capture/ingestion

Medical Device Marketing


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Clinical IT Project Examples

  • helped create DICOM for 12-lead ECG that won a 2008 Frost & Sullivan award
  • Microsoft Power BI based asthma algorithm based monitoring network at Colorado Children’s Hospital
  • Alfresco/MySQL based cardiology management system with custom Stress-Imaging Cardiologist UI
  • SQL-based cardiology management system using open-source C++ ECG viewer
  • EMS2EMR – STEMI workflow database with the ability to receive pre-hospital 12-lead ECG
  • 1994 – ASCII capture software for GE CASE15 stress system to capture stress data directly to MS Excel
  • 1988 – BioMedics project OxyKlok 68HC11, FORTH-based Oxygen timer system to bill patients for Oxygen (back when you used to before DRGs)
  • Alfresco clinical media management system 

Community Projects

  • Custom-built Amateur Radio 440 Mhz Repeater system with antenna (link)
  • Provided custom work and equipment for Voice-of-Vashon community FM station