DICOM capture stress-MUGA data capture system

automatic referral letter generator

One of the projects that I have consulted on in the past was a cloud-based cardiology system with a unique interface to a GE PACS system. What made it unique was the ability to receive DICOM data from a GE PACS, parse the DICOM file, extract images and measurements, and present it to the MD for over-read, confirmation, and automatic generation of a referral letter.

There was an API that could be pulled up to enter the stress-testing information for a stress-MUGA exam. The mingled imaging and stress testing data provided structured-reporting pick-lists for ST-segment response and post-test rhythm remarks.


One of the interesting things about the project was the ability to ingest and parse DICOM data, map it to fields in an HTML-based sheet with customizable CSS, and an API that was able to be integrated into PC-based exercise testing system for a truly integrated stress-MUGA system that would automatically compose and propagate the physician’s referral letter. These were some of the best UI’s that I have worked on – note the polar plot – you could click on either the polar plot or the anatomy to denote changes.

Ultimately, this cloud-based cardiology data management system was to be integrated into the Net.Orange “CoS” or “Clinical Operating System”. The NDO C-OS was a novel experiment into using Alfresco as an electronic medical record system.  The graphical environment added the ability to explore such novelties as showing the ECGs in a pseudo-magazine format with page flipping and the ability to import and view DICOM PACS images.