ECG Management System


While the director of Product Management at Lumedx, I was asked to design an ECG management system to interface with an existing MS SQL line of software. I originally went to Pune, India, with an ECG machine and a simulator, where I was given five weeks and a team of four engineers to develop a proof-of-concept.  Using an open-source C++ ECG visualization toolkit, an innovative method was created to be able to ingest over twenty different data types by different manufacturers.

Everything was developed from scratch from the SQL database tables, including provisions for mapping fields in-between vendors. Several innovations were introduced including micro-analytics that could, for instance, do searches for specific ECGs based upon clinical criteria such as QRS duration >440 msec to search for QRS prolongation.

ECG manager was developed, passed through US FDA and Saudi FDA, and brought live in Dammam Saudi, Arabia in only one and a half years.  Another version of this module was used STEMI patient management and was able to import ECGs from Zoll or LifePak defibrillators and was able to allow comparison with MUSE ECG management records. Lumedx ECG Manager is still sold today.