Physiological Intuitive Computer System Interface (PICSI)

Physiological Intuitive Computer System Interface (PICSI) – worn born from an observation that I made while I was the VP of clinical informatics for Excel Medical (now owned by Hillrom). While working with a number of clinical researchers, I noticed that they all had to purchase a commercial patient monitoring system with a full complement of ‘back-end’ servers (SQL, HL7 ADT, High-speed data interface (HSDI)). I was working with University of WA and they were going to do a clinical study in Africa. They ended up spending a quarter of a million dollars for those ten beds just so that could get a data stream from ten patients.

PICSI has that innate high-speed interface built directly into it as a sensor platform first. It is actually a full-blown Linux server running a custom tiny distro and as such can communicate directly to the cloud with a custom data transport protocol. The project has now been converted to BioInsight with remote BT sensors and the capability to monitor ECG, EEG, and EMG.