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Proxy Engineering

Realize your innovation goals with our assistance.

With over thirty-five years of experience in the technology arena in medical devices, Clinical Technology is the leader in disruptive technology for medical technology devices and systems.


Proxy R&D services include product development, management, and marketing, manufacturers representatives.

Product Management

Over twenty years of product management and product management leadership

Market Analysis

There are things that only experience in the marketplace can provide. Market strategy should be based on experience, and CT can provide optimal product pathways.

Wearable Devices

With experience in cardiology and wearable devices, as well as cloud-based streaming and analytics technologies, Clinical Technology has led many disruptive technologies.

Proxy Development

With over thirty-five years of experience in ideation, design, engineering, product management, and marketing, we can provide many stages of engineering.


years of experience


With over 100 projects behind us we provide both ideation and manufacturing experience in a manufacturing 4.0 capable environment.

Sales and Marketing

Clinical Technology works with a team of talented medical device and software sales and marketing professionals. Let us help you fill that niche with a specialized agile force.