Clinical Technology LLC

A consulting company with experience in medical devices, clinical predictive analytics, and physiological interfaces

In the fast-moving world of medical devices, it helps to have a multi-disciplinary approach to devices. This involves having experience in device design, “back-end” database and reporting systems, analytics, both clinical and service line, as well as dashboards, reimbursements, maintenance, regulatory, and workflow considerations.

Clinical Technology is a multi-disciplined entity with over thirty years of experience in cardiology, respiratory therapy, embedded systems, predictive analytics, middleware, and SQL reporting solutions.

This set of experiences allows us to consider what others might not. This is important for product ideation, interfacing, purchasing, and marketing plan development, and competitive strategy.

Custom UI Development

This is an example of our work where the task was to automatically obtain measurement data from a GE PACS and populate a stress MUGA report and to extract parameter data onto a UI where the cardiologist could add notes and overread. Ultimately this automatically converted into a referral letter which could be transmitted in a HIPAA compliant fashion.


ECG Management System

This was a cloud-based ECG management system that was designed, FDA cleared and released in a little over a year and a half.

This was a complete device design that captures physiological data (waveforms and parameters) and streams to the cloud where it is run against a predictive algorithm that provides a visualization object. This was a complete device design accomplished in six months. The project can be seen at
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