Randall Bardwell

Randall Bardwell



A seasoned clinical technology expert with over thirty years of experience in clinical data acquisition, transmission, consumption, analysis, and propagation of clinical data. Project portfolio includes cloud-based AI data analytics systems, SQL and SQLess cloud-based backend reporting systems with full LAMP stack,  wearable devices, and cardiology diagnostics.  Healthcare IoT design including active and passive sensors. Product strategy and device design considerations.

Engineering skills including:

  • Analog front-ends (AFEs)
  • Human factors
  • Systems engineering: Cloud-based physiological data systems
  • LAMP stack-based cardiology reporting system architecture.

Product Strategy

  • Competitive analysis
  • Product ideation
  • Product management

Clinical Device Marketing

  • Marketing Communications
  • Product evangelism

Social Networks

  • Press Releases
  • Blog articles
  • SEO






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