Randall Bardwell

Randall Bardwell


“A seasoned clinical technology expert with over thirty years of experience in clinical data acquisition, transmission, consumption, analysis, and propagation of clinical data. Project portfolio includes cloud-based AI data analytics systems, SQL and SQLess cloud-based backend reporting systems with full LAMP stack,  wearable devices, and cardiology diagnostics.  Healthcare IoT design including active and passive sensors. Product strategy and device design consideration consulting.


  • Analog front-ends (AFEs)
  • Human factors
  • Systems engineering: Cloud-based physiological data systems
  • LAMP stack-based cardiology reporting system architecture
  • Designed-for-service

Product Strategy

  • Competitive analysis
  • Product ideation
  • Product management

Clinical Device Marketing

  • Marketing communications
  • Product evangelism

Regulatory Consulting

  • US FDA “Case for Quality” implications
  • ISO 13485
  • eDHF and advanced manufacturing

Project Examples

  • ECG Data Management System parsing table
  • Embedded systems based wearable sensor platform
  • Cloud-based predictive analytics system