The Bionet project arose from the need to have a remote headless patient monitor for clinical research and monitoring purposes. The current state-of-the-art is to use conventional patient monitoring devices with conventional networking and data concentrators. For a ten-bed clinical research project installation, the costs can range up to a million dollars for hardware alone. BioNet provides an advanced, secure data ecosystem for the consumption, analysis and reporting of dynamic physiological components. BioNet is the cloud infrastructure that supports the conveyance and consumption of wearable and diagnostic data. BioInsight is the device that provides a sensor platform to communicate with various sensors on the body as well as from other manufacturers.

In 2021 we have embraced telehealth and remote patient monitoring, now we need to focus on raising the level of quality and sophistication of the devices and the data.     – Dr. Tim Buchman, Emory University

BioInsight Remote Patient Monitor / wearable

The Bionet PICSI (Physiological Intuitive Computer System Interface) device is a small (60x100mm) device available with or without a display screen. it is in effect a small patient monitor that provides vital-sign information from both direct-connect as well as local Bluetooth devices. It is designed to pair with any mobile device for use as a display.

BioNet cloud-based physiological data management system

One of the difficulties in architecting physiological health repositories is the differing types of data required to provide a broad and wide perview on the data.

Additional Parameters

The BioInsight wearable module is based upon an advance dual processor on a chip that includes an accelerometer, a nine-axis Inertial motion unit (to sense posture/gait), MU, an internal and externally available air pressure measurement/actuator. The analog front end is actually dynamically configurable analog front-end that can be assigned to any sensor: ECG, EEG. or EMG allowing for 18 leads of ECG, 8 EEG channels, and 20 EMG channels.

Cloud Data Ecosystem

The device can transfer data to the cloud with a FIFO memory and missing data detection using a unique physiological streaming protocol developed by Clinical Technology.