Resource Page

Clinical Decision Support Algorithms and Tools

OBS Medical – The Visensia Safety Index (link)

CleMetric- Heart Rate Variability based patient degradation algorithm  (link) 

HeRO Score/CoMET Score – Dr. Randall Mooreman (link)

Dr. Andrew Seely, Ottowa Hospital Ventilator Weaning Algorithm (link) 

Kubios Open Source HRV Module (link)

Excel Medical Executive Summary (link)

PeraHealth (Rothman Index) (link)

MEWS – Modified Early Warning Score (link)


Americal College of Clinical Engineering ACCE (link) – waveform repository for clinical algorithm testing (link)

Data Visualization Products

Excel Medical BedMaster demo (link)

FDA E14 Long QT Cardiac Safety – ECG Warehouse OverView (Randy)

ISO Standards

ISO 60601-1-11 Home Health Regulations (link)

ISO 60601-1 (link)


ECG basics (link)

ST Segment Measurement (link)

Heart Rate Variability (link)

MatLab/Octave ECG Analysis

Fiducial Point Detection using Matlab/Octave


ECG Fiducial Point Detection Using MatLab (link)


Importing ECG signals into MatLab for analysis (link)

QRST detection using MatLab (link)